What defines us at Yorkshire Karate

From our humble beginnings, to the birth of Shukokai

Our History

Sensei Mo Ilyas began karate over 40 years ago when he was searching for a sport that incorporated both his physical and mental endurance. This passion followed onto the next generation when Sensei Khuram Ilyas began karate at age 6. He soon went on to win multiple national championships including the English and British Open championships. By age 17 Khuram was selected to represent England at the European Champions after a rigorous selection process.

Sensei Khuram began teaching Karate in 2008 in Sheffield whilst studying. He soon relocated after graduating from University and began teaching in Bradford. Due to the demand and success, the classes have now expanded to our current locations.

Our Students

At Yorkshire Karate Academy we take pride in aiding the development of our 
student’s social skills along with martial arts skills. Our mission is to help our student’s blossom into their confident, resilient personalities through the teachings of Karate. We have embraced children from different educational institutions, backgrounds and abilities. Our classes allow children to meet others of different ages, and skill sets. Children’s overall wellbeing is our utmost priority, and that is what makes our academy a family.

All students are encouraged to participate in tournaments to push their skills to new heights. Yorkshire Karate Academy regularly competes in domestic and national level tournaments and has brought home over 40 gold medals.

Where Shukokai Began

In 1968 Sensei Tani and Senei Kimura brought the Karate style of Shukokai Karate all the way from Japan to England. Shukokai Karate has developed over years of continual refinement to enable delivery of the greatest impact with the least amount of effort.

Karate is a sport for life that encompasses a full body and mind fitness programme, allowing you to learn self-defence, gain confidence, respect, focus and much more.

Sensei Tani and Kimura

Chōjirō Tani (谷 長治郎 Tani Chōjirō) was born in 1921, and started his formal karate training under Miyagi Chōjun, who founded the Gojū-ryū style. Upon graduating from university, Tani began learning Shuri-te and then Shitō-ryū from Mabuni as well. After many years of training under Mabuni and becoming one of his most senior students, Tani received the certificate of succession from him and became the head of Shitō-ryū, enabling him to use the name Tani-ha Shitoryu.

Chōjirō Tani began teaching the Karate style Shūkōkai (meaning the way for all) at a dojo in Kobe, Japan in 1946. Shūkōkai was designed around the study of body mechanics, is very fast due to its relatively high stance aiding mobility, and is known for the double hip twist, which maximises the force of its strikes; making it one of the most hard-hitting Karate styles.



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